Snapshot of Kings River Delta Flood Animation for models testing the sensitivity of infiltration in this system.

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Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc. has worked with numerous public and private-sector clients providing a wide range of analytical services, ranging from storm drainage systems analysis and optimization, to complete watershed analysis and documentation.

Our firm has provided analytical services for many transportation improvement projects, identifying required bridge and culvert sizes, recommending improvements to existing drainage structures, and identifying the hydraulic impacts from proposed facilities.

CESI has prepared numerous impact analyses for a variety of projects to quantify potential hydrologic impacts and recommended mitigation measures. In addition, CESI has prepared numerous "Letter of Map Revision" (CLOMR/LOMR) applications for submittal to FEMA for changes to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

We work closely with local jurisdictions to develop storm water quality BMP's, sizing requirements, and appropriate facilities to comply with the current NPDES Phase I & II requirements. 

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Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Our Mission: To provide quality, cost effective Civil Engineering design and analysis services in the Northern California region, and to be a leading provider of Civil Engineering related software products.