Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Our Mission: To provide quality, cost effective Civil Engineering design and analysis services in the Northern California region, and to be a leading provider of Civil Engineering related software products.

Picture: From the Dry Creek Watershed Plan Update, shows primary sub-watershed areas.


Company Profile

Civil Solutions was founded in January of 1996, in Sacramento, California by Thomas S. Plummer Jr., P.E. Two years later, 1998, Civil Solutions opened the Howe Avenue office, which is in Sacramento.

In 2004 Civil Solutions became "Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc." an employee owned corporation.

CESI provides engineering services in hydraulics and hydrology. We emphasize computer modeling approaches in our work and continuously invest the training of our staff to maintain working knowledge with the most state of the art solutions to modern drainage issues.

CESI also continuously develops software tools for common engineering solutions, including HEC-1 Pre-processors, HEC-1, 2 and RAS Post-processors, Velocity Animators, Drainage System Analysis.  Most Recently, we have developed the
DCDesktop and PRIMER-FREEWARE utilities.

Administrative Office

590 E Street, Lincoln, CA 95648


Production Center

590 E Street

Lincoln, CA 95648



To contact us:

Phone: 916-645-5700

Fax: 916-645-5706